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Commercial liquid waste removal in Wellington

For increased efficiency it is vital your business remains hygienic and attractive. We're here to help you achieve just that! We provide a range of commercial liquid waste removal options which we can cater specifically to your environment.

We are available for professional servicing throughout the Greater Wellington region so give us a call today for a cleaner commercial future

Vacuum service

We also provide professional vacuum services used to excavate small sites in loose soil types. For further information regarding this service please feel free to give us a call in Wellington today

Grease trap cleaning

The disposal of waste material from grease traps in restaurants and fast food outlets is undertaken in accordance with local body and regional council policy. We guarantee to undertake a high standard of cleaning and to also advise on any problems we 
may uncover.  

Septic tank cleaning

When using Dawson Waste Services, content is always removed in accordance with local body and regional council policy for septic tank cleaning. When it comes to your septic tanks we guarantee to undertake a high standard of cleaning and to advise you on any future problems which may arise.

Commercial liquid and semi-solid waste

Here at Dawson Waste Services we believe in providing a high quality specialist service in removing liquid waste from commercial wash bay sumps and similar premises. If you're in need of a trustworthy liquid waste removal service equipped with top quality materials give us a call in Wellington today!

Environmental clean-

We believe in doing our part to look after the environment, which is why we offer environmental clean-up services.
This may involve removing sludge or other liquid or semi-solid materials from environmental accident sites. Remember, we want to keep our planet clean just as much as you do, so you can count on us to efficiently remove all waste materials as professionally as possible. For environmentally sound commercial waste 
removal give us a call today.

Lift wells and
 foundation pile holes

Our vacuum tankers can empty liquids from lift wells and foundation pile holes with minimum disruption and mess in:
  • Existing commercial buildings
  • Residential homes
  • Building sites
  • Architect-designed buildings
In fact, our fleet of trucks has the strongest suction capabilities in the local liquid waste disposal industry. For the highest quality in commercial waste removal call us now.
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